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Election Commission of India FORM ID a nj j Miza got ID Application for issue of Replacement Elector s Photo Identity Card EPIC kh W th fhs if gl milahs m il nfhU z g ECI-EPIC-001 A m. B M. State/UT / kh y / a unjr AC No* Name / bjhF v Q bgaU District / kht l Elector s Particulars To be filled by Elector / th fhs tu f th fhsuh u g gl nt L To / bgWe The Electoral Registration Officer / th fhs g m fh Assembly / Parliamentary Constituency / r lk w bjhF / ghuhSk w bjhF Sir /...
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Who needs a Form ECI-EPIC-001?

Form ECI-EPIC-001, application for Issue of Replacement Elector’s Photo Identity Card, is to be used by Indian citizen wanting to obtain a duplicate of their Electoral Photo Identity Card due to its loss or mutilation or in case an applicant has changed their address.

What is Form ECI-EPIC-001 for?

In India, a person who reached the age of 18 must obtain a personal Election Vote ID in order to participate in political life of the country and to use some features provided by the adulthood. In case of Card’s loss, you can report this fact to the Election Commission of India (ECI) through your Electoral Registration Officer (ERO). Election Commission will consider your application and fact of loss of the card, and a new ID Card will be issued.

Is Form ECI-EPIC-001 accompanied by other forms?

This form should not be accompanied by any other forms. Nevertheless, a copy of a document identifying your personal information should be provided in order for a new ID to be issued.

When is Form ECI-EPIC-001 due?

This form should be filed with your Electoral Registration Officer any time a need arises. You should not delay the report about the loss of your identity card, as it can take be used by someone else.

How do I fill out Form ECI-EPIC-001?

Information on the following points should be provided:

  • State information: applicant’s state and district;
  • Name of Elector; EPIC No. of Original card, if it is known;
  • Father’s, Mother’s or Husband’s personal information;
  • Applicant’s Sex; Date of Birth;
  • Type of receiving: applicant may collect EPIC from VRC, by Post or from BLO;
  • The last page of this form contains a blank Authentication for Issue of Epic, which should be used by the Electoral Registration officials. This part of the form must be completed by officer only.

Where do I send Form ECI-EPIC-001?

Once completed and signed, this form should be submitted to the applicant’s Electoral Registration Officer (ERO).

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form 001
Instructions and Help about eci epic 001 form
Hi in this video you're going to see how to register your election voter ID card either you can use Google or directly type in and click form six you need to have constituency details passport size photo and layer of birth and other details once you have done you need to fill up this form that a district and constituency then you need to upload the photo you can browse this and upload your photo make sure that the photo size is below 100 KB size else I'm going to show what you're going to face it shows that the mid size should not exceed 100 Kb and it is not allowing you to go any further with this form registration for what to do if your face at issue you go to the photo location and check out the size this is how it is and follow this procedure like open it in an estranged open lip paint and click select choose some part of the photo copy cut it and open a new file click on save and paste it here now you need to save as jpg this is very important this will reduce the space and choose the same photo location where you are supposed to be uploaded they will ask - alright warning click say yes done now you can close this or minimize and if you only can check it out they should be below hundred now yearly 70s acceptable alter and get to the forum click browse and select the photo now big upload hello you succeeded put on the name so we did over details and the gender set of birth and relation and here it is all these details you can put is on your and the half done it very fast you are here once you have done the third patrons it's not that important I mean what mandatory but if you can throw it any of your relatives already have electrical that will be better click translate and it will automatically translate small further English words to Telugu so once done you have another chance to check whether the fields have been turned properly any spelling mistakes here it is fine so you need to check it in your address name and dependents name the Telex section even I am leaving it's empty do not worry but the processing might go a bit late click Submit so it takes some time couple of seconds and here comes your processed one you can save this page for future references but only application ID is more than enough so this can be used in the later videos thank you very much bye bye